Do you ship to Canada? Unfortunately, not at this time

What shipping service do you use? UPS / USPS

What state are items shipped from? California

How long will it take to ship to me? We ship within 1-3 business days. Unless it is a pre-order item. Please see the description on your item to see approximate ship date. For all updates on pre-orders please check the Pre-Order Updates page.


Can I return my order? Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on either of these items.

What if there is an issue with my product? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What is a Pre-Order? A pre-order is an item that is available for purchase through us before it becomes available on the Loungefly website. 

What is the advantage of a pre-order? This guarantees that you will receive the item. Some items sell out so fast on the Loungefly website you may not actually get a chance to purchase it. 

What is AOP? All Over Print

Why do some pictures look like drawings? These are called mock-ups. The actual bag has not been created yet. As soon as they are created we receive the real life picture and update the listing on our website. 


About the Artist:

Who is behind KL Artwork? Kevin is the artist and photographer. Kevin is the K in TK Ave. 

What is your medium? Oil on canvas

Can I see/buy your artwork in person? Absolutely, you can visit our store in Idyllwild, CA. 

Can you sign my matted print? Of Course! All prints are signed and numbered. 

What if I don't want my print matted? All prints come matted. But, these mats can be easily discarded or framed. 

Can I see you paint in person? Kevin enjoys painting at the store. Check our store hours to try and catch it live.