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Loungefly Disney Alice in Wonderland Painting the Roses Red 3 Inch Collector Box Pin

TK Ave

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While wandering wonderland Alice has found herself in the garden of the Queen of Hearts! Alice is here to continue painting the roses in the garden as the limited edition Disney Alice in Wonderland Painting Roses Enamel Pin. This large, round pin shows Alice perched on a ladder painting the roses red as her paint bucket spills. Alice’s arm even swivels to make it appear as though she’s still painting! This 3-inch pin is an adorable accessory for anyone’s Disney Alice In Wonderland collection.

Enamel pin has swivel details and gunmetal colored hardware. The back has the signature Funko/Loungefly crown debossing as well as the embossed crown on the back, noting the limited edition 1000 piece count.

Enamel pin is 3-inches tall and comes in a window display collector box.