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Enesco Facets Acrylic Disney Lilo and Stitch Stitch Figure

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  •   Well-meaning alien Experiment 626, or “Stitch” as his Hawaiian friend Lilo names him, displays his complex and sparkling personality in this translucent acrylic FACETS Collection figure by Enesco. Peering through Stitch’s glistening surface exterior, his childlike charm shines through. Reminiscent of finely cut glass or gemstone, this brilliant faceted acrylic figure refracts light in a kaleidoscope of gleaming colors. As Stitch aims to control his impulses and return Lilo’s unconditional support, he ultimately makes friends, finds family, and forges a strong sense of belonging. Take the galaxy’s most wanted and lovable extraterrestrial home with you!




 3.5 in H x 2 in W x 3 in L