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TK Cash

What is TK Cash?

TK Cash is earned on pre-order purchases only. For every $35 spent on pre-orders you earn $5 TK Cash.

How is TK Cash rewarded?

TK Cash will be sent in gift card form via email. Please make sure to enter your email address at checkout to ensure proper delivery of TK Cash. 

*We recommend creating an account for easier/faster delivery of your TK Cash. 

How is TK Cash redeemed?

It will be given in gift card format. Therefore, you will need to type in the gift card code at checkout for it to be used on your next order. 

When will I receive my TK Cash?

TK Cash will be given out within 3-5 days of purchasing any pre-order item(s).

Other things to know about TK Cash:

  • If a pre-order is cancelled your TK Cash will become void. (Cancelling pre-order items is subject to a 25% restocking fee)
  • TK Cash is only redeemable online.
  • TK Cash will be sent via email. If you do not provide an email at checkout or create an account with your email you will be unable to receive your TK Cash.
  • TK Cash is only offered on pre-order items. If you purchase pre-order and in stock items it will only be rewarded for the amount of your pre-order item(s) total. 
  • TK Cash is earned on any pre-order item.